Fire Rescue

Crown Point Fire Rescue provides Fire, EMS, and Technical Rescue Services for the City of Crown Point and surrounding Center Township. The Department has been proudly serving the community since 1873. Crown Point Fire Rescue provides protection to 35,000 residents in 56 square miles. 

The City of Crown Point is covered by three state highways and Interstate 65. Every year, our firefighters and paramedics respond to an average of over 5,600 calls for service from one central firehouse located in the downtown district of the city. 

Every day, the department fully staffs a Battalion Chief truck, 3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, an ALS Engine Company, and a BLS Tower Ladder. 

Chief Mark Baumgardner Jr., along with Mayor Peter Land, strives to provide the community with the highest-trained emergency responders while ensuring that all of the firefighters go home to their families at the end of their shifts.


The Department is staffed by 52 sworn, career personnel. There are 48 line personnel who are led by 3 Battalion Chiefs and supported by 3 administrative chief officers, 3 fire inspectors, an ambulance billing specialist, and an executive assistant.

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