Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention


Lawn Irrigation Systems

All lawn irrigation installers are required to be licensed by the City of Crown Point. The application form must be presented to the City Clerk/Treasurer's office (bond and insurance required). License may be renewed annually. A copy of all licensed installers is available below.

  • An installation permit is required for each new in - ground lawn irrigation system. Permit applications are available at the City Clerk/Treasurer's Office. 
  • All new in-ground lawn irrigation installers are required to schedule a meeting with the Utilities Superintendent or his designated representative prior to issuance of their first permit. This meeting will cover the cities rules and requirements. Proper installation and testing of a backflow prevention assembly is mandatory. 

Backflow Solutions Inc (BSI) 

The State of Indiana requires backflow prevention assemblies be installed on all hazardous cross-connections to help keep our water supply safe. These assemblies must be tested and certified every year to ensure that they are working properly.  

  • The City of Crown Point has partnered with Backflow Solutions, Inc (BSI) to assist in filing and maintaining and accurate record of these test. 
  • All completed backflow prevention test must be submitted to BSI through their website

Click here to fill out the City of Crown Point's Inactive Irrigation Form

Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention Documents