New Account

Need to start a new Account?

You may request new service by email, or in person.

Email for new service is:


Request for new service by email must include:             

  • Address of property
  •  Date of Possession/Closing
  •  Current Phone number
  •  Attach a Photo ID of anyone who is going to be on the account.
  •  Ordinance #2019-11-18 Requires a $400 deposit for Tenants going into a Rental residence.  This deposit must be paid before we can put the water into the Tenants name.                   
  •  Mail to 101 N East St. or place in Drop Box on south side of City Hall or Police Station parking lot.

The minimum bill is based on 0-1500 gallons of usage.  Based also on a 5/8" meter.

The minimum billing break down is as follows;

WATER                    $19.53
WASTEWATER       $33.21
REFUGE                  $22.47
TAX                           $1.37
STORM FEE              $6.00 
TOTAL                       $82.58

If services are active this is the minimum bill charged.

  1. Clerk-Treasurer Dave Benson

    Dave Benson


  2. Clerk - Treasurer

    Physical Address
    101 N East Street
    Crown Point, IN 46307

    Mailing Address

    Crown Point, IN 46307

    Fax: 219-662-3378