Frequently Asked Fridays

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Frequently Asked Fridays is a social media segment where residents can submit any questions they have for the city. Every Friday, the City of Crown Points answers the questions on our Facebook page, The City of Crown Point.

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Q: Is the Mayor and Senior Staff planning on attending the State Championship football game at Lucas Oil Stadium? Congrats to Pete Land for being nominated to the CP Alumni Association Hall of Fame. Perhaps one of the current football players will also one day be on that list. Go Dogs!

A: While the City of Crown Point does not have an exact headcount of who will attend Saturday's game at Lucas Oil Stadium, Mayor Pete Land and all City staff will be cheering on the Bulldogs. We wish the CPHS Football Team well as they head down to state. Go Bulldogs!

Q: Will there be a Raising Cane's coming to Crown Point?

A: As of today, Friday, Nov. 17, there have been no plans submitted to the City of Crown Point for a Raising Cane's.

Q: Will we ever get a left turn arrow on Main Street at North Street?

A: The City of Crown Point is working with the Indiana Department of Transportation to install a left turn arrow at Main and North streets. Recently, the INDOT Traffic Team went out to observe the intersection and corrected timing issues. Specifically, there was an issue with the hold for pedestrian crossings, which was taking green time away from North Street. INDOT made the change and noticed an improvement in the number of cars able to get through. INDOT's signal technician is going to keep a close eye on the intersection to see how it functions moving forward. Further adjustments and/or a turn signal can be considered as necessary. 

Q: When does the ice rink at Bulldog Park open? How much is it? What are the hours?

A: The Timothy Grzych Ice Rink at Bulldog Park opens on Friday, Nov. 24, weather permitting. Admission is $5. Skate rental is $5. Opening weekend hours are as follows: 5-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 24; 2-9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 25; and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 26. For a complete list of hours, please visit All hours are weather permitting and subject to change. 

Q: Do you have any plans for an accessible playground for all children, including those with disabilities, to enjoy?

A: Currently, the City of Crown Point is transforming Sauerman Woods into a destination park for all to enjoy. The park will feature new, accessible playground equipment and is slated to open in the fall of 2024, weather permitting. 

Q: When does the chipper stop coming around for the year?

A: The chipper truck runs all year round, weather permitting.

Q: Why do senior discounts for water bills have to be reapplied for every year? If a person does not change their address it should be automatic.

A: Senior discounts have to be reapplied for annually in the event a senior citizen moves or passes away.  

Q: What are the trick-or-treat hours for this year?

A: Trick-or-treating hours for the City of Crown Point will be from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023, rain or shine.

Q: Since Summit Street happens to be one of the busiest streets in Crown Point now for truck traffic going both east and west, is there any chance there can be a digital speed limit sign put up on both sides of the street stating what their speeds are?

A: The City will add this area to the list of digital speed limit sign locations. The City has two digital speed limit signs, which are used across the City.

Q: Can you provide an update on the repaving of Goldsborough Street west of Main Street?  I know there's another project coming but they said last year, then this year, now we're entering fall again and temporary repairs are declining in quality already. 

A: The drive lane of Goldsborough Street is slated to be paved by the end of October, weather permitting. A future utility project is planned for the area. The road will undergo a full restoration once all projects are completed.

Q: Any plans to fix the pavement at South and Fairview? The uneven pavement is now affecting the north side of South street. For such a heavily trafficked area, it would be helpful if the city would address the issue.

A: The pavement on South Street and Fairview Avenue is set to be patched. The road will undergo a complete repair following additional utility project in the area.

Q: Is a Trader Joe’s going to be opening up in Crown Point?

A: At this time, Trader Joe's has not discussed land acquisition or site development with the City of Crown Point. 

Q: Rumors about Chick-fil-A coming to Crown Point any truth? If so location?

A: Chick-fil-A received site development approval from the Crown Point Plan Commission in June 2023. It will be located at 601 E. 109th Place.

Q: Will Crown Point allow golf carts to be used on city streets like many other communities around Crown Point?

A: Currently, Chapter 79 of the Crown Point Municipal Code of Ordinances designates golf cart communities within the city, including White Hawk Country Club, Youche Country Club and Summertree Golf Course. At this time, there are not plans to amend the City’s ordinance pertaining to golf carts. 

Q: Is the stop sign on Court Street and Ellendale Parkway going to be removed? For the past 19 years it has only been there for the fair. If it is not being removed, who made the decision to keep it up and what was the rationale for it?

A: The stop signs have remained in place to allow the City of Crown Point further determine if having the four-way stop helps improve traffic safety, including an overall speed reduction, on South Court Street. A final determination will be made in the coming weeks. 

Q: When do they expect to reopen Sauerman Woods Park?

A: The City of Crown Point anticipates Sauerman Woods Park and its amenities to be finished in the fall of 2024, weather permitting. The entire project is slated to be complete in the summer of 2025, weather permitting.

Q: When will the culvert on 113th Avenue between Delaware Parkway and Broadway finally be repaired? 

A: Currently, NIPSCO is relocating utility poles, which began once crews moved all underground utilities. The culvert replacement, which is a Lake County project, is scheduled to begin in early September. The City of Crown Point will complete intersection and road work improvements in spring 2024. 

Q: Will the splash pad be kept open past Labor Day since it had to open so late? Will it be open during the day once school starts?

A: The splash pad season is weather permitting. Once fall weather moves into the Region, the splash pad will close for the season. Yes, the splash pad will be open during the day when school is in session. The concession stand will not be open. For hours, please follow our Facebook page, The City of Crown Point.

Q: I got an old refrigerator that needs to go. Can I just put it out for the trash? Or do I need to call them to come pick it up? Any information would be appreciated.

A: Republic Services allows one item for bulk trash pick-up weekly — not including refrigerators or electronics — during normal garbage pick-up. For more information on acceptable solid waste materials, visit or call 219-662-8600. 

Q: Hello. I would like to know what is happening with the old bowling alley across the street from the post office. It was supposed to be office spaces, but now it's an abandoned eye sore: weeds growing in the parking lot, graffiti on the door. Can the City do something, contact the owner, perhaps? Thank you.

A: The old bowling alley was slated to be converted into office space, but as of now, the developer has not pulled building permits. Staff will forward these concerns to a code enforcement officer.

Q: What is being developed on Delaware Parkway south of U.S. 231 between Interstate 65 and Pine Hill/Schmidt Farms? Development is underway for something, and I was curious if it was residential or commercial.

A: The work being done is preparing the property for Canvas at Crown Point, which will be a 176-unit, single-family subdivision. While the development received primary approval, it still needs to be brought back to the Plan Commission for secondary approval.

Q: What is being developed south of U.S. 231 on the east side of Delaware Parkway? It goes all the way past 129th Avenue.

A: The Willows is a residential subdivision, which will include 140 townhomes and 67 single-family homes. The development received final approval in April 2023.

Q: Will the City be doing the free mulch program this year?

A: The City of Crown Point no longer offers a free mulch program.

Q: Is anything ever going where old Clark station was, 318 N. Main St.?

A: In 2021, a petitioner received a Board of Zoning Appeals variance from design standards to encroach the front, rear, and side setbacks. The proposal was for a new gas station. The petitioner has yet to submit for site development. 

Q: Are there any updates on the splash pad?

A: The parts to repair the splash pad have arrived. Repair work is scheduled to begin Monday. We anticipate the splash pad opening in the coming weeks. We appreciate everyone's patience while work is underway. 

Q: Are there any other public places to fish besides the Fairgrounds?

A: In the near future, the pond at Sauerman Woods Park will be stocked for fishing. In the meantime, those looking to fish in and around Crown Point can check out the Where to Fish interactive map by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources by visiting 

Q: I noticed a live feed that seems like it comes from Bulldog Park. Does CP have a live camera that residents can view?

A: Currently, the City of Crown Point does not have a live feed from Bulldog Park that residents can view. 

Q: Can you please explain the program where the city helps repair the sidewalk in front of your home and does this program apply to the end of a driveway as well?

A: The 50/50 Sidewalk Program runs from April to October and is available to the citizens of Crown Point through the Public Works Department. Upon request of the responsible homeowner, the City's Public Works Department will inspect the affected sidewalk. The sidewalk must meet certain criteria to be considered for the 50/50 Sidewalk Program. The responsible homeowner will receive an estimate for the cost of replacement. The homeowner participating in the program would pay for the materials and the City provides all labor. Anyone interested in this program should contact the City of Crown Point Public Works Department at 219-662-3252. The program does not include any part of a homeowner's driveway. 

Q: Is it possible for Bulldog Park to have a digital sign, so everyone can see what is scheduled, splash pad hours, etc.?

A: Bulldog Park has digital signage inside and outside the facility. Under the pavilion, there is a large video wall that displays upcoming events and programming. 

Q: Is there any plan to fix the intersection of Greenwood and Indiana avenues? It is really rough.

A: The approach on Greenwood Avenue that abuts Indiana Avenue is owned and maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation. For a list of all INDOT projects, or to report a concern, please visit

Q: What plans are there to address the speeding/disregarding of stop signs on Washington Street? 

A: The Crown Point Police Department will put extra patrols along Washington Street. 

Q: Cars speeding around the square and surrounding residential streets (Main Street, Crown Street, North Street, South Street, East Street, West Street, Greenwood Avenue and Wells Street for examples) is out of control. What will/can the city do to improve the safety of people walking, children playing, etc., from these careless/reckless drivers. 

A: The Crown Point Police Department will put extra patrols in this area to ensure the safety of pedestrians. 

Q: I would like to know what the CPPD is doing about the influx of people moving here with Illinois license plates and not changing over to Indiana license plates. I see more and more homes that have cars in the driveway with Illinois plates and these cars have been there for over a year or more. 

A: New Indiana residents have 60 days to switch their residency from Illinois to Indiana. The Crown Point Police Department will continue to ensure residency is switched over in a timely manner. 

Q: Are there plans to fix and widen Delaware Parkway south of U.S. 231? It is so worn and heavily travelled. It’s becoming a hazard to get out of our subdivisions.

A: The City has plans to improve Delaware Parkway south of U.S. 231 in 2024/2025. Delaware Parkway north of U.S. 231 is slated to be paved in conjunction with intersection improvements this year.

Q: When will 107th Avenue going east along by the Fahrenheit restaurant back towards Delaware Parkway ever be completed?

A: As development continues to build up in the area, there will be contributions toward moving forward with the continuation of 107th Avenue. At this time, there is not a final completion date.

Q: Are there any retail clothing stores opening in Crown Point?

A:  As of today, there have not been any submittals for retail clothing stores, but it is not out of the question. It’s just a matter of waiting for a developer to come forward with one.

Q: Where can I find information on City-owned buildings for room rentals? For instance, I see there is a paint and sip event happening at Bulldog Park. Are there City-owned rooms to rent for residents who would like to host events as such?

A: The City of Crown Point offers community room and outdoor rentals at Bulldog Park. For rates, please visit For availability, please call the PACE Department at 219-661-2271.

Q: On the roundabout section behind Stracks leading to the Hampton Inn, Delaware Parkway, the corner one has no lights on around it? It is very dark and hard to see at night. Is there a way to have the lights turned on?

A: The lights leading to the Hampton Inn near the roundabout are not controlled or maintained by the City of Crown Point. The City continues to work with our community partners in the Beacon Hill Business District to address the light schedule in the area.

Q: The intersection of Iowa Street and U.S. 231 is in dire need of a stop light.

A: The intersection of Iowa Street and U.S. 231 is owned and maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation. INDOT plans to install a roundabout at this intersection in 2027. For a list of all INDOT projects, or to report a concern, please visit

Q: Is there any update on redoing the intersection at U.S. 231 and Delaware Parkway?

A: Utility relocation is scheduled to be complete by early April, weather permitting. Bids are due on March 22, and will be opened at the March 22 Board of Works meeting. Improvements at the intersection will be complete by the end of summer 2023, weather permitting.

Q: Is it true that a 5-story hotel is going to be built at 109th Avenue/Broadway, just west of Speedway?

A: At this time, there are no formal submittals for that hotel. The developer presented a workshop for the project a few months ago, however, as of right now, they have not submitted anything for site development.

Q: Are there any plans to try and get a general merchandise store, such as Meijer or Target in the City?

A: The City of Crown Point does not necessarily go out looking for businesses to move into the area. Typically, developers come to the City with plans to locate to the area. Presently, neither Meijer nor Target have shown any public interest in developing in Crown Point.

Q: When is West Goldsborough Street going to be finished? The condition of that road after the work was done is horrible.

A: West Goldsborough Street will undergo repairs this paving season. The road will not receive a full restoration this paving season, as a stormwater project is planned for the area in the near future.

Q: Considering today's current rate of inflation and high price of groceries, would the City be willing to put a moratorium on not allowing chickens and chicken coops within city limits and inside 450 feet from neighboring properties?

A: The Crown Point City Council discussed this matter during its recent meeting. At this time, the Council is not bringing the ordinance back to committee. The council has directed the Legal Department to look into the definition of a chicken coop to further refine the ordinance.

Q: Several months ago, someone came by and spray painted my water meter with blue marking paint. What was that about?

A: When the Water Division of Crown Point Public Works receives a locate request through the 811 system, our standard practice is to locate all city-owned water and sewer lines within the requested area. This includes painting the lids of all meter pits, buffalo boxes and valve boxes, which helps the excavator or homeowner identify our infrastructure while completing a project. While the paint will easily wash off the grass, it will last longer on metallic and concrete surfaces, keeping it visible in case of an emergency. Our staff also has been working to convert to a new digital mapping format. Since this process includes taking pictures of these assets, our staff will often paint them blue and mark the curb or roadway in an effort to aid in the visibility of these items in the pictures. Anytime you are digging, it is important to call 811 and request a free locate of the various utilities that may be in the ground at least two days before starting your work. Whether you are planting a bush or building a house, calling 811 helps protect yourself from potential injury and any potential buried infrastructure from damage.

Q: Why won't Lake County Animal Control accept animals (dogs specifically in my case) from within city limits? Do Crown Point residents’ taxes fund the LCAC even though it will not serve us? Given that they won't take them, why doesn't Crown Point have our own animal control like other cities do?

A: The City of Crown Point has a memorandum of understanding with Lake County Animal Control. If a resident who lives within City of Crown Point limits finds a cat or a dog, they can visit the Crown Point Police Department for a shelter voucher. The voucher allows the resident to take the animal to Lake County Animal Control. The City of Crown Point pays for the animal's veterinarian bills until it finds a forever home. For more information, call the non-emergency line at 219-663-2131.

Q: Why isn’t there any street signs identifying the street names at the intersection of 113th and Iowa?

A: There were street signs fastened to the utility pole on the northeast corner of the intersection. The Street Department has been notified of the missing signage and will replace the signs. 

Q: What measures are being taken after the recent incident that happened at the fairgrounds?  Are there or will there be frequent patrols of the fairgrounds? Will cameras be installed in areas that these incidents could occur?  What can the community do or contribute to make the fairgrounds the safe place that we all thought and know it to be?

A: The Crown Point Police Department is committed to keeping our community safe. The Lake County Fairgrounds is owned, maintained and patrolled by Lake County. We have a great working relationship with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and will do our part to help keep the Fairgrounds a safe place for everyone to enjoy. The City of Crown Point and Crown Point Police Department take great pride in Crown Point being one of the safest communities in Northwest Indiana. To help us keep our community safe, report any suspicious activity immediately. If you see something, say something.

Q: What is up with the clock on the north side of the courthouse? It has lost its hands!

A: The Lake Court House Foundation is working to repair the clock on the north side of the Historic Lake County Courthouse. Parts need to be made to make the necessary repairs.

Q: Will the south and east sides of the Sportsplex ever be fenced in like the north end?

A: The fencing for the Sportsplex is complete.

Q: What is the city doing to make itself a greener city regarding recycling efforts? What is the hopeful outcomes of said efforts?

A: The City continues to work with our garbage and recycling vendor, Republic Services, on all aspects of curbside pick-up, sorting and recycling. The City of Crown Point also has a plastic cap recycling program, where we collect caps to be turned into recycled park benches and picnic tables. This effort is ongoing. Thus far, the City has collected 16,246 pounds of plastic bottle caps, resulting in seven benches and 16 picnic tables. Caps can be dropped off in the blue bin near the south parking lot entrance of Bulldog Park, located at 183 S. West St. Acceptable caps include most food and drink product lids, most personal care product caps and laundry detergent caps with labels removed. Please do not drop off any containers, metal caps, sprayers, soap/lotion pumps, drink bottles or medical supplies. The aforementioned items cannot be recycled.

Q: Has there ever been a discussion of a MRF, dirty or clean stream?

A: The City utilizes Republic Services as its garbage and recycling collection company. For more information on how recyclables are sorted at Republic Services, please call 219-310-2343.

Q: The painted fire hydrants around town look terrible. Why do we do that? The original red color on the one in front of my house was beautiful. Even if we needed them to be orange, fire hydrant companies make them in any color we want with weatherproof paint. Why wouldn’t we just buy orange ones? Or better yet, keep them red?

A: The City of Crown Point's standard color for fire hydrants is orange, allowing the hydrant to stand out against just about any backdrop. While we try to order them in orange, there are times when we, or a developer, must accept another color hydrant due to product availability. The hydrants are then painted orange after installation. We have hydrant painters out every summer to scrape and paint as many hydrants as possible to ensure our hydrants are maintained and consistent with our color standards. Unfortunately, we are working to catch up on our painting following the pandemic, when we did not have the usual summer staffing levels. Our hydrants also have painted caps to indicate how many gallons of water per-minute it can provide for firefighting. These colors are based on a national standard used by communities nationwide.

Q: Summit and Broadway needs a light or timing of light on Broadway, or no right turn on red on Broadway, so cars trying to turn left or right — for that matter — out of the stores or Culver’s can do so safely. You also have cars coming out of the area where the new Sonic and Aldi customers leave on Summit, which adds to congestion.

A: Broadway is maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation. Additional signage is planned for the area.

Q: Why isn’t there a social media platform, such as a Facebook page, for Bulldog Park? I’d love to have easy to get information on events being held there. It would be nice to know what the opening day for ice skating is along with the hours the rink would be open.

A: The City of Crown Point posts all event information, including open skate hours for Bulldog Park, on our city Facebook page, @CityofCrownPointIN. All event information also is posted on our website

Q: Does the City of Crown Point have a flag?

A: Yes! You can find our flag posted across the street from City Hall in front of the Crown Point Police Department.

Q: With snow coming what is the city ordinance on parking on city streets during snowfall?

A: All streets and roads are designated snow routes in the event of snow accumulation of 2 inches or more in order to ensure the welfare and safety of the public. All vehicles, trailers and equipment shall be removed from any public street or roadway upon accumulation of 2 inches of snow or more until the street or roadway is cleared of snow from curb to curb.

Q: What are the rules for parking boats, campers and trailers? And blocking sidewalks?

A: Boats, campers and trailers may not be parked on the street. No vehicle, trailer or equipment is permitted to block the sidewalk.

Q: Just wondering when they will fix 113th Avenue by Hubinger. There's a really bad dip in the road that has been there for about two years now. Really annoying.

A: Earlier this year, the City of Crown Point made a temporary repair to the culvert on 113th Avenue. While Lake County and the City of Crown Point were hoping to see final work on the culvert well underway, if not completed, soil borings revealed poor soil in the area. After additional discussion, it was determined additional borings are needed to find firm soil to properly repair the culvert at 113th Avenue. The borings must be complete before work can proceed.

Q: What are local volunteer opportunities for the holidays?

A: The City of Crown Point does not currently have any holiday volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering with the City of Crown Point, please email

Q: What road projects are planned for West North Street?

A: There are plans to install a new downtown sewer interceptor in 2023, which will impact the roadway.

Q: In the spring, former Mayor Uran detailed how Delaware Street would be realigned on both the north and south side of U.S. 231, and the city was paying for the improvements. The plans were being reviewed by INDOT. Is there an update on this? I see there are some markers placed off the roadway. Thank you.

A: Work on the Delaware Street and U.S. 231 intersection is currently being planned for spring 2023. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has approved the design. The City is waiting for various underground utilities in the area to be relocated.

Q: What is being done to address the increase of graffiti around various location of the city?

A: Unfortunately, there have been instances of graffiti being sprayed on objects around the square and alleyways. As each case is reported to the Crown Point Police Department, they investigate the vandalism and follow up with the reporting party. Anyone with a specific question regarding vandalism is encouraged to call the police department's non-emergency number 219-660-0000.

Q: For decades, there have been multiple vacant storefronts just south of our square on Main Street, from Diamond Jim’s, currently being renovated, to The Great Escape. Can we expect the city to remedy this anytime soon? Curious why this has been allowed for so long.

A: The City of Crown Point does not control how quickly storefronts are filled. The storefronts on the south side of the square are privately owned, therefore, we cannot dictate when a private business owner will complete renovations or when a new business might open. The City of Crown Point offers an incentive to business/building owners who revitalize their storefront in the downtown square, including our Façade Rebate Program, which provides owners up to $25,000. For more information on the program, please visit

Q: Where can I dispose of unused/unwanted pills, including prescription and over the counter expired pills?

A: The Crown Point Police Department , 124 N. East St., has a drug takeback receptacle in the lobby.

Q: Why isn’t the detention basin south of 100th Avenue and north of Beaver Dam Ditch (between Polk and Madison streets) properly maintained? This area used to be free of weeds. Now, the city never mows it completely.

A: Crews mow this property on a regular schedule. All the areas the city mows and maintains are on a set schedule. The center of the pond in question is soft and full of cattails, which the mowers cannot reach. The more water that is present, the farther back crews have to stay away. During the summer, as things dry out, we are able to get closer.

Q: I would like to sign my family up for the trolley that takes the Christmas light tour. Who do I call to reserve?

A: Registration for the Tour of Lights is currently full. To be placed on the waitlist, please call the Entertainment Division of the PACE Department at 219-662-3290.

Q: I am aware that you have posted a couple of times that leaf pickup would continue until the first snowfall. Was the snow we received this past week enough to end the leaf pickup? The weather looks good for the next few days, and I would do my yard once more. I don’t want to put leaves out by the street, however, if they will not be picked up. Thanks in advance.

A: No, fall leaf pick-up will continue until the first major snow accumulation. The amount of snow we have received so far will not impact leaf pick-up. Our crews will pick up leaves until they are unable to due to heavy snowfall.

Q: Left hand turn on red? May need to expand.

A: According to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, motorists may turn left through an intersection with a red light or arrow if they are turning from a one-way street onto a one-way street. Motorists also must come to a full stop, check to make sure that there are no vehicles and pedestrians in the path of your turn or about to enter the path of your turn, check that there is not a “No Turn on Red” sign and use the correct lanes. For a copy of the 2022 Indiana Drivers Manual, visit

Q: Please explain how the crosswalks work in the square. What do I do if I am approaching a crosswalk and I see someone trying to cross? Who has the right-of-way? Also explain to people what right-of-way means.

A: If you approach a crosswalk and you see someone trying to cross, please yield to the pedestrian. Pedestrians always have the right of way in a crosswalk. Right of way is the right to go first in certain road situations when at least two road users could use the same space. A left-hand turn can be made on red, unless a sign is posted prohibiting it.

Q: What is going on with Goldsborough Street, and when will it be finished?

A: Goldsborough Street is scheduled to be paved this year. The road will undergo a full restoration, including curbs and sidewalks (as needed) and paved from Grant to Main streets. The portion of Goldsborough Street west of Main Street will be patched until next year. There is additional infrastructure work that needs to be done next year in that section. All work is weather permitting.

Q: What is the ordinance on the placement of garbage cans for garbage day? How many days before garbage day can they be put out onto the parkway?

A: According to City of Crown Point Code of Ordinances Section 52.03, no garbage container shall be placed at the curb or in a parkway or at a street or alley earlier than 5 p.m. on the day before the scheduled date of collection. No garbage container shall be placed in the traveled portion of a street, road or alleyway. All containers shall be removed from the curb, parkway, street, road or alleyway no later than 7 p.m. on the date of collection. All containers shall be so situated as to be readily accessible to the collector on the date of collection.