Building Department

Please be advised any individual submitting for a building permit must be an authorized representative of the licensed general contractor for the project. 

Please note all contractors/subcontractors must be assigned and hold a current City of Crown Point license for you to be able to submit your application. 

The following information may or may not be required for permit application submittal. 

  • Site Plot Plan: Must be a stamped survey drawing with the location of any additions/decks/accessory structures/etc. 
  • Foundation Plan: Site specific footing plan designating footing size, water proofing material, vapor retarder (thickness), sump pump, perimeter drain and crawl vents.  
  • Building Plans: Site specific building construction and engineering drawings, including complete wall detail, electrical plan, size, spacing and direction of floor and ceiling joist, and location of all beams with dimensions. 
  • Detailed Erosion control plan for site. 
  • Notarized Affidavits for General/Electric/HVAC/Plumbing. 
  • Energy Compliance Report: Site specific documentation of requirements.
  • Approved Construction Design Release from the State of Indiana (Commercial).  
  • Detailed Fixture Count Drains/Toilets/Sinks/Showers/Water Heaters/Sprinkler Heads. 
  • Complete Contractor/Subcontractor List.

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During your application process if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to for clarification. 

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